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WindTamer Q & A

Why does WindTamer work at low wind speeds?

The WindTamer patented diffuser system uses both the “push” and “pull” of the wind. The wind pushes the blades to start rotating, like traditional turbines. The diffuser system augments the wind by …
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creating two vacuums – one behind the blades and another behind the turbine – which pull the wind through the blades. The two vacuums help pull the air through more quickly, thus turning the rotors faster and creating more power. The vacuum enables the turbine to use nine shorter, lighter blades instead of three larger, heavier ones. That enables WindTamer turbines to start producing power at much lower wind speeds, and at greater efficiency at lower speeds, than traditional turbines.

Why are WindTamer turbines quiet?

Because of the extra wind power produced by WindTamer’s design, WindTamer turbines can afford to have more, and shorter, rotor blades. The shorter length of blades doesn’t cause high tip speed which is what leads to the annoying hum that traditional turbines produce. A WindTamer revolving at high speeds is about as loud as your refrigerator.

- Why is this important?

Furling is frustrating to turbine owners, because the faster the wind, the greater the energy that could be produced. In fact, the energy available from the wind increases exponentially as wind speed increases – so the wind speed doubling increases the available energy by a factor of eight.

Why don’t WindTamer turbines need a big tower?

Conventional wind turbines don’t generate energy effectively in lower wind speeds. Because wind speed generally increases with the elevation above the ground, conventional turbines need to be mounted on very high towers so that they will sit in higher winds …
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Because WindTamer turbines create power at lower wind speeds, and also because of their smaller blades, they can operate at lower elevations and take advantage of wind tunnels created by terrain and other buildings. If, however, you wanted to mount a WindTamer turbine on a higher tower or pole to access these higher winds, then WindTamer would effectively use these higher winds to generate more power.

How does WindTamer meet most zoning regulations?

Because WindTamer wind turbines are well within height and noise limitations of most municipalities, there is usually no need to go through the zoning approval process to have one installed.

Why don’t WindTamers harm birds?

The housing around the blades and the number of blades make WindTamers appear as a solid object. Therefore, birds do not fly into WindTamers for the same reason they do …
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not fly into tree trunks. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with traditional turbines, which have exposed blades that turn extremely quickly, posing a threat to birds that may not detect them. In fact, WindTamers are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration for use at airports.

How does the cost of WindTamer compare to traditional turbines?

The overall cost of WindTamer turbines is lower than that of traditional turbines because they rely on sound engineering, solid design, and the most efficient technology …
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They also don’t need to be mounted on top of an expensive 60- to 100-foot tower, as is common with most wind traditional turbines. WindTamers are easy to install, require less equipment and offer a quicker, greater return on investment.

How can WindTamer offer the longest warranty in the industry?

Because WindTamer’s rotors and generator are housed, they are protected from the elements and therefore not exposed to rain, sleet and snow the way traditional turbines are …
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With less moving parts, shorter blades with slower tip speed, there is less opportunity for the turbine to require maintenance. If they do require maintenance, they can be easily serviced by a truck rather than a crane, making them much easier and less expensive to access.

Why is WindTamer safer than open rotor?

WindTamers housed blades not only reduce exposure to the elements, but also protect against blade throws and thrown ice, which can be deadly. And because WindTamer’s blades are housed, there is no threat to birds.

Why is WindTamer practical for rooftops?

Rooftops are practical settings for WindTamers due to their virtually silent, vibration-free technology. And because they can function at both low and high wind speeds, WindTamers can be placed in more settings than traditional wind turbines.