Solar is quickly becoming a popular renewable energy source due to its limitless supply of clean power. It’s affordable, efficient, reliable and provides independence from traditional energy sources such as fossil fuel, which can come with a high price tag.

Solar energy is becoming more accessible and provides a tangible return on investment that is second to none. With continual advances in technology, we are harnessing its benefits better than ever before.

Solar Panel Technology

Solar panels are made up of solar cells, also known as photovoltaic (or PV) cells. These cells are made from two pieces of silicon that have opposite electrical charges, causing electrons to flow when exposed to the sun. At the most basic level, these solar panels when connected to the appropriate materials along with an inverter and battery collect energy from the sun and release usable power.

Solar panels are ideal for residential power generation, but can also be scaled for large, commercial applications as well.

While exposure to the sun is required for the implementation and highest efficiency of solar panels, there are oftentimes opportunities to utilize this technology in conjunction with other renewable energy resources to produce maximum power and best possible return on investment.

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