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Arista Power
1999 Mt. Read Blvd.
Rochester, NY 14615

Our Systems

Arista’s solar solutions are completely scalable and customizable. Because we customize every project based on each customer’s unique energy profile, we will conduct a full-scale evaluation in order to determine the best solution to meet your needs.

Long-term reliability
Environmentally tested for consistent and superior performance, a 5 year installation and 20 year performance warranty.

Up-to-date features
Features such as double insulated PV cables for use with transformerless inverters and locking connectors. Any solar PV installation is modular and can be easily added on to as needs change.

Industry-leading technology
Tested to an extreme loading pressure to ensure additional security to your investment, while maintaining the highest efficiency of the available solar resource.


System Size Rating (DC) Annual Energy Output (kWh) Array Surface Area (sq ft) Annual Savings
Residential 5.52kW 6,235 360 $935
Light Commercial 22.08kW 24,940 1,440 $3,741
Industrial / Commercial 49.45kW 55,855 3,225 $8,378
Custom 3kW – 100kW 3,000 – 110,000 250 – 8,000 $500- $20,000

Arista’s Power on Demand system stores the energy captured from their WindTamer turbine and/or solar cells along along with off peak grid power, and then releases the power during peak demand hours. This results in lower demand charges and utility bills for the customer.