Every application is different and therefore requires a custom solution. For solar applications, Arista measures the solar radiation at each site to determine the energy output at a potential installation location. In addition, we also determine the energy generated from solar power at a particular location by performing calculations that include available solar radiation, wiring losses, inverter losses, soiling, etc.

Did you know…
that most areas of New York State get only 12% less usable energy from the sun than Florida?

This critical information, in conjunction with our expertise, is then evaluated to determine the best, most value-added proposition for your energy profile and needs. In many cases, solar power is a more than viable solution, particularly for residential applications. For larger scale installations, Arista has the ability to combine solar power with other renewable energy sources, such as its patented WindTamer wind turbine, in order to create a custom, reliable solution that is cost-effective and best takes advantage of your available renewable energy sources.

Solar PV Installation Process

Phase 1: Energy Profile Review

Understanding a customer’s individual energy profile is essential before implementing a renewable energy resource solution. With solar applications, we will ensure your exposure to the sun is in-line with your energy usage and needs before moving on to designing your system.

Phase 2: Design Proposal

Arista will recommend a customized solution, including the number of panels/size of system required, execution schedule and pricing for the entire scope of your Solar PV installation.

Phase 3: Implementation

Arista will install and implement a Solar PV system that allows for the maximum power generation and best possible ROI.