Each Power on Demand system is customized based on your resources and needs. The systems below are examples of Power on Demand (PoD) options offered by Arista Power. Each application will be customized to meet the electrical generation and power distribution needs of our customers. Estimated annual savings will depend on customer demand charges.
System Size Wind Resource Solar Resource Battery Capacity Estimated Annual Savings
Light Commercial PoD (1) 4.5 GT  wind turbine 5.52 kW 100kW $16,800
Mid Commercial  PoD (1) 8.0 GT wind turbine 11.04 kW 175kW $29,400
Commercial  / Industrial PoD (2) 8.0 GT wind turbines 16.56 kW 225kW $37,800
Custom PoD (0 to 5) 8.0GT wind turbines 0 kW to 49.45 kW 75kW to 1mW $12,600 to $168,000