Analyzing Your Bill

Is PoD right for me?Each ispodrightformePower on Demand system is custom-designed based on the electricity usage profile of the customer and the renewable energy resources available (i.e. wind or solar) at the customer’s location. The first step in determining the best system for you is to analyze your electricity usage. We will ask you to provide your electricity bills for the past several months so that we can design the system that will provide the highest level of savings for you based on your unique usage profile. To better understand the nature of your specific electricity consumption profile, Arista can install a temporary monitoring device in order to track your electricity usage on a real-time, daily basis. We will then analyze this information to ensure that the most cost-effective solution will be designed and delivered to you.

Completely Scalable and Custom-Designed

As a customizable solution, the PoD system is completely scalable and will be designed to best meet the needs of your energy usage profile and can be configured and upgraded to meet your changing electricity needs.

Phase 1: Monitor Review

Arista will install a permanent, real-time demand monitoring system to measure the electrical draw (kW) from the grid. Understanding a customer’s real-time power draw is vital for designing a system that optimizes the payback by conguring the energy creation, storage and distribution.

Phase 2: Custom Design Proposal

Arista will recommend a customized system, including size, execution and pricing of the project. We will then produce a detailed engineering report showing projected energy output and cost savings.

Phase 3: Implementation

Arista will install and implement a specially designed Power on Demand system and continue to optimize and modify the system as the customer’s energy needs evolve.