What is an energy profile?

An energy profile is made up of your energy bill, the renewable energy available to you, and the amount of energy used. At Arista Power, we understand that every energy profile is unique and our goal is to give you a complete and customized energy solution with the best possible ROI.

What is a demand charge?

Utility companies charge commercial customers and large electricity users demand charges for periods when they use the most energy throughout the billing period. This charge results in additional “demand charges,” which significantly increase overall electric energy cost.

A utility company defines “demand charge” as a charge that “is determined using the maximum demand occurring during the monthly billing period and is billed as a fixed rate calculated on a per kW (kilowatt) basis.”

So, if you use 250kW for only one hour in one week, your monthly demand charge might be $3,625 for the utility to supply that much energy at one time, regardless if you ever use that much power again in the billing cycle. This charge is separate and in addition to your consumption fee.

Will solar power work in New York State?

It may be difficult for New York residents to believe, but most areas of New York State get only 12% less useable “sun energy” than Florida. How is that possible? The sun – and therefore solar power – is not always visible, but that does not mean it is not present.

How long do PoD batteries last?

Our Power on Demand batteries last up to 1,200 cycles, which can be anywhere from 5 to 12 years of use.

How much does it cost to replace a PoD battery?

The cost to replace a PoD battery is roughly a small percentage of the overall system cost and varies on a case-by-case basis.

Is there any maintenance associated with the PoD system?

Arista will handle all monthly maintenance and monitoring of your PoD system by linking to real-time status updates. We will inform you of your PoD system efficiency and ensure you are receiving the best possible energy generation and ROI.

How do I understand the renewable resource(s) at my site?

Arista can perform solar radiation and wind correlation studies to determine the available renewable energy resource at a customer’s site.

How do I know which renewable resource is best for me?

After Arista Power performs a renewable energy site evaluation and examines a customer’s energy usage profile, a proposal is created that offers the best combination of wind, solar PV and Power on Demand to optimize the customer’s return on investment.

Do government incentives apply to solar, wind and PoD?

Government incentives vary based on the customer location and classification (commercial, not for profit, residential, etc.). Arista Power will include, and assist in obtaining, all available government incentives for each project.

Can you offer power where grid power is not available?

Yes. Arista Power offers micro-grid capability where we combine the energy from multiple sources (including wind, solar PV, generators and fuel cells) in a battery and then release that energy as needed.