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Arista Power
1999 Mt. Read Blvd.
Rochester, NY 14615

About Arista Power

Arista is a leading developer and manufacturer of renewable power solutions. From wind turbines, solar energy systems and custom-designed power management systems, Arista provides flexible, scalable solutions. These systems deliver completely customizable residential, commercial, industrial, military and other off-grid applications.

Our WindTamer diffuser-augmented wind turbines utilize patented technology for the production of electrical power. This exclusive turbine produces more power and less noise, providing for a less intrusive experience and faster return on investment.

Arista Solar solutions offer an affordable, reliable, renewable energy solution for those seeking to reduce dependency on traditional fossil fuel and are looking for an alternative clean energy solution.

Arista’s Power on Demand system utilizes inputs from multiple energy sources in conjunction with a custom-designed battery storage system and smart monitoring technology. This system releases energy at optimal times reducing peak power demand and lowering energy costs.

For military and other proprietary applications, Arista manufactures a Renewable Power Station that generates wind and solar energy to an onboard storage unit. This station can also function as a mobile trailer-mounted system for portable, reliable energy.

Arista’s “big power” solutions rival the capacity of traditional methods of power supply, delivering clean energy with sizeable returns. At Arista, we make power work for you.