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Independent testing proves WindTamer wind turbines are virtually silent

Independent Testing proves WT Turbines are virtually silent

An independent sound study report conducted by Marathon Engineering recently concluded that WindTamer wind turbines are in fact virtually silent. While the turbines are suitable for corporate installations, they are also useful for residential applications. The study focused on the “incremental sound level associated with the operation of the WindTamer wind turbine and assess[ed] the impact on neighbors”.

The study was conducted on the largest current model, WindTamer 96 GT-3500, to produce the most accurate results of the sound levels produced by the turbine. After taking sound level measurements at 12 different test locations, the study concluded “there was no noticeable difference in sound level attributable to the turbine when measured at a difference of 50’, 100’ or 150’.”

“We welcome independent testing of our turbines because we are confident that the technology is absolutely superior and, as this study illustrates, our turbines are virtually silent,” said Mark Matthews, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for WindTamer.

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