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Installation of WindTamer Turbine at Abner Adams House Bed & Breakfast in Bloomfield, NY

WindTamer Turbine at Abner Adams House Bed & Breakfast

The proprietors of the Abner Adams House Bed & Breakfast list more than 30 ways it’s easy on the environment on their website at www.abneradamshouse.com, and now the number one reason is a WindTamer turbine in its backyard. Robert Dobberstein says one of the challenges of managing a 200-year-old house is it’s not that energy efficient. But as his wife Lynda points out, “Our guests like green. They like the fact we try to be green.”

To that end, the couple uses bulk shampoo and conditioner dispensers, not the little bottles. They give guests the option of not having their towels replaced every day (Says Lynda: 99% of them choose not to, “which is great.”) Recycling bins are provided, and compact fluorescent bulbs trim the electric bill. “People tell us our green policy is one reason why they come to us,” says Lynda. “It’s part of who we are and how we market our business.”

WindTamer Turbine at Abner Adams House Bed & Breakfast

Now that the WindTamer turbine is online, the Dobbersteins will be able to tell their guests that the B & B’s electricity is generated right in its own backyard. The tasteful, classic B & B, located in the town of Bloomfield in the Finger Lakes regions of Upstate New York, has a large lot, but is close to other homes. So the appearance of a wind turbine was crucial not just to the character of their business, but also to fit in with the neighborhood. The WindTamer unit only rises about 35 feet above the ground and generates no noise.

Another consideration was getting the turbine approved by the local town board. As has been the case in every municipality where WindTamers have applied for approval, the process went smoothly. The Bloomfield Town Board recognized that given the low height, lack of noise and safety of the unit to birds that the restrictions imposed on wind turbines by local laws didn’t apply to the WindTamer. Construction of the unit was approved without the need to obtain a variance from the local zoning board.

Robert, a former science teacher in nearby Fairport, N.Y., hopes the WindTamer will generate more than enough electricity to cover the B & B’s electric bill, and he’ll be able to sell power back to the local utility. But in any case, he says, being on the cutting edge of the renewable energy movement will give them an edge in appealing to the green-conscious B & B crowd.



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